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The Fram Museum Official Guide: [Amundsen, Roald]
[Amundsen, Roald] The Fram Museum Official Guide
2019 Norway 1st, 8vo, pp.335, 235 color & 488 bw photos, 13 color & 18 bw illus, 5 plans, 17 color & 5 bw maps, illus ep, wraps w/ French flaps; new #27535 $37.95
This book contains all the texts and illustrations from the permanent exhibitions in the Fram Museum. In addition there are a number of photos of Fram and Gjøa, of exhibited artifacts, and a map of the museum. In addition to all the expeditions of Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdrup and Roald Amundsen[read more]

Nimrod: The Journal of the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School. Vol 2: [Shackleton]
[Shackleton] Nimrod: The Journal of the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School. Vol 2
Oct 2008 Ireland 8vo, pp.147, 15 color & 22 bw photos, map, wraps; new #25285 $35.00
This issue contains articles on the S. Y. Endurance, Antarctic sites outside the Antarctic, the ‘Kildare’ Shackleton harness, Arctic sovereignty, a biographical dictionary of South Georgia, and book reviews. Previous volumes are still available.[read more]

Fritz Wiessner 1900 – 1988: [Wiessner, Fritz]
[Wiessner, Fritz] Fritz Wiessner 1900 – 1988
2000 Sächsischer Dresden 1st, 8vo, pp.104, photo frontis, 12 color & 51 bw photos, map, wraps; fine #25319 $150.00 $95.00
A relatively scarce biography of this great climber. In German, no English translation. To see all of our Sale Items, click here.[read more]

The Long White Road: Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventures: Albert, Marvin H.
Albert, Marvin H. The Long White Road: Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventures
1957 McKay NY 1st, 8vo, pp.xiii, 175, map frontis, 15 bw chapter illus, grey/green cloth; dj rubbed, some foxing, good+, cloth w/ toning to eps, vg #26926 $19.00
Albert was primarily an American novelist but he did produce a few non-fiction titles. Here is his biography of Shackleton and his expeditions. Renard, 10, Rosove 1001, Spence 10.[read more]

Arctic Odyssey: The Life of Rear Admiral Donald B. MacMillan: Allen, Everett S.
signedAllen, Everett S. Arctic Odyssey: The Life of Rear Admiral Donald B. MacMillan
1962 Dodd, Mead NY 1st, 8vo, pp.viii, 340, 36 bw photos, 2 maps, map eps, blue cloth; inscribed, dj w/ edge tears, rubbed, unclipped, vg-, cloth w/ address stamp of Dr. Harrison E. Kennard, tight, fine #16757 $25.00
Biography of MacMillan, noted Arctic expedition leader, explorer and naturalist, and his expeditions to Labrador, Greenland, Ellsmere, Baffin, and the Canadian Arctic Islands (1908-1957). This copy is inscribed by MacMillan to Dr. Harrison E. Kennard, former president of the Harvard Mountaineering C[read more]

Master of Rock: The Biography of John Gill: Ament, Pat
Ament, Pat Master of Rock: The Biography of John Gill
1977 Alpine House Boulder 1st, 4to, pp.197, 255 bw photos, blue cloth; dj near fine, cloth fine #23037 $55.00 $49.50
An original classic on the life of noted boulder-specialist Gill with lots of photos. Neate A40.[read more]

Royal Robbins: Spirit of the Age: Ament, Pat
signedAment, Pat Royal Robbins: Spirit of the Age
1992 Two Lights Boulder 1st, 8vo, pp.301, 219 bw photos, wraps; inscribed Royal Robbins ‘For Dianna – When you reach the top, keep on climbing! Royal Robbins’, fine #24982 $39.00
The biography of the “father of modern rock climbing”.[read more]

My Life as an Explorer: Amundsen, Roald
Amundsen, Roald My Life as an Explorer
1927 Doubleday, Page NY 1st, 8vo, pp.282, photo frontis, sketch, 2 maps, appendix, top edge yellow, medium blue cloth; cloth rubbed, name, some pencil notations, very good+ #9003 $65.00
Amundsen’s autobiography published one year before his death while searching for the dirigible Italia. In this he covers his early years, the Belgian Antarctic Expedition (1897-99), the Northwest Passage in the ship Gjøa (1903-06), the South Pole (1910-12), the Northeast Passage in the ship Maud (19[read more]

signedAnderson, J. R. L. High Mountains and Cold Seas: A Biography of H. W. Tilman
1980 Mountaineers Seattle 1st, 8vo, pp.366, 40 bw photos, 15 maps, green cloth; signed Charles Houston, dj fine, cloth fine #9450 $89.00 $80.10
Tilman led the first ascent of Nanda Devi, in 1936, on which Dr. Houston was a member. They joined up again, in 1950, in the first reconnaissance of the southern approach to Everest via the Khumbu Valley. An excellent biography of a great explorer. Neate A50, SB A16, Yak A74.[read more]

Photographer of the World: The Biography of Herbert Ponting: Arnold, H. J. P.
Arnold, H. J. P. Photographer of the World: The Biography of Herbert Ponting
1971 Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press Rutherford 1st, 8vo, pp.175, photo frontis, 77 bw photos, blue cloth; dj w/ browning to edges, vg, cloth fine #25710 $29.00
The first of Arnold’s two books on Ponting, this biographical memoir shows how Ponting, virtually self-taught in his art, free-lanced his way around the world observing, photographing, lecturing and, ultimately, seeing his business fail. Conrad p.170, Karrow 33, Meadows 430, Renard 55, Rosove 20.B1[read more]

Ayres, Philip Mawson: A Life
1999 Australia 1st, 8vo, pp.xx, 321, 20 color & 44 bw photos, 5 maps, white cloth; dj & cloth new. #18749 $39.95
The first comprehensive biography of Douglas Mawson whose two Antarctic expeditions (1911-14, 1929-31) resulted in Australia claiming 40% of the continent. Ayres has relied upon a wealth of sources, both archived and living, to provide a full portrait of Mawson’s life. Includes extensive notes.[read more]

Come North With Me: An Autobiography: Balchen, Bernt
Balchen, Bernt Come North With Me: An Autobiography
1958 Dutton NY 1st, 8vo, pp.318, photo frontis, 38 bw photos, 3 maps, blue cloth; xlib, dj w/ # on spine, vg, cloth w/ lib stamps, tape marks, vg #16740 $2.00
Balchen had a wide ranging flying career serving with Amundsen in the Arctic and with Byrd in the Arctic, across the Atlantic, and the Antarctic. AB 56699.[read more]

American Alpine Club LibraryBanks, Mike Commando Climber
1955 Dent London 1st, 8vo, pp.xiii, 240, color frontis, 18 bw photos, green cloth; dj worn, fold marks, taped, good, cloth w/ King blindstamp, vg #24765 $25.00 $22.50
Autobiography, Banks' climbing took him from Cornwall to Malta and Cyprus, from Scotland to the Alps, and on to Arctic Greenland. He led the 1956 attempt and 1958 attempt on Rakaposhi. Neate B34. King, Benjamin E (Tom) (1929 – 1985) – AAC member who wrote ‘In the Shadow of Giants: Mountain Asce[read more]

Snow Commando: Banks, Mike
Banks, Mike Snow Commando
1961 Burke London 1st, 8vo, pp.192, 14 bw photos, 16 illus, map, green cloth; dj w/ chip to part of spine & back cover, vg, cloth near fine #23440 $49.00
Banks' autobiography described his early climbing which took him from Cornwall to Malta and Cyprus, from Scotland to the Alps, and on to Greenland as a member of the 1955 British North Greenland Expedition. He was a member of the 1956 attempt on Rakapopshi and two years later led the British Combin[read more]

Bartlett, Phil The Undiscovered Country: The Reason We Climb
1993 Ernest Press UK 1st, 8vo, pp.viii, 183, photo frontis, 62 bw photos, grey cloth; dj & cloth new. #18374 $31.95
Part history and part autobiography, Bartlett draws on the literature of mountaineering and his own experiences in the Lake District and Himalaya to address the question of why we climb.[read more]

James Fitzjames: The Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition: Battersby, William
Battersby, William James Fitzjames: The Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition
2010 Canada 1st, 8vo, pp.224, 33 bw photos, 2 tables, 6 maps, appendices, blue cloth; dj & cloth new #25858 $34.95
James Fitzjames was a hero of the early nineteenth-century Royal Navy. A charismatic man with a wicked sense of humour, he pursued his naval career with wily determination. When he joined the Franklin Expedition at the age of 32 he thought he would make his name. But instead the expedition comple[read more]

Deadly Winter: The Life of Sir John Franklin: Beardsley, Martyn
Beardsley, Martyn Deadly Winter: The Life of Sir John Franklin
2002 US 1st, 8vo, pp.xiv, 272, 20 bw photos, map, appendices, red cloth; dj fine, cloth fine #25829 $24.95
The first full biography written in twenty years about the British adventurer who disappeared with his men in the Arctic in 1845. Beardsley examines Franklin’s incident-filled and sometime contentious career from his early days, when he fought at the battle of Trafalgar, to his last expedition to s[read more]

On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak: Bell, Jon
Bell, Jon On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak
2011 US 1st, 8vo, pp.xi, 211, 22 bw photos, map, black cloth; dj & cloth new #25827 $22.95
Bell tells the story of Oregon’s legendary iconic peak, a mountain that draws five million visitors every year. Hood is a mecca for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, campers, and climbers. Bell tells the stories of countless climbers, scientists, historians, and many others who live, work, and play wi[read more]

Mountain Madness: Scott Fischer, Mount Everest & a Life Lived on High: Birkby, Robert
Birkby, Robert Mountain Madness: Scott Fischer, Mount Everest & a Life Lived on High
2008 US 1st, 8vo, pp.x, 342, 32 color & 3 bw photos, blue/white cloth; dj & cloth new #24963 $24.95
Birkby, one of Fischer’s close friends, provides a vivid, candid biography of who Scott really was and what led him to the top of Everest. A natural mountaineer blessed with tremendous physical strength and willpower, Scott thrived on the challenges of climbing, the beauty of the high country, and [read more]

Alan Rouse: A Mountaineers Life: Birtles, Geoff, et al.
Birtles, Geoff, et al. Alan Rouse: A Mountaineers Life
1987 Unwin Hyman London 1st, 8vo, pp.ix, 224, 9 color & 14 bw photos, blue cloth; dj unclipped, fine, cloth fine #26001 $29.00
Biography of British climber Alan Rouse, who died on K2 in 1986, as told by his friends. SB B17.[read more]

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