Lost at Windy Corner: Lessons from Denali on Goals and Risks: Linsdau, Aaron
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Lost at Windy Corner: Lessons from Denali on Goals and Risks

Author(s): Linsdau, Aaron

Copyright: 2017, US
Specifications: 1st, 8vo, pp.169, 19 bw photos, 2 illus, wraps
Condition: small delamination spot to cover edge, else new

Lost near lethal crevasses and cliffs in a blinding whiteout blizzard is the last place anyone would want to be…

Windy Corner on Denali has claimed lives, fingers, and toes. What would make someone brave lethal weather, crevasses, and slick ice to attempt to summit North America’s highest mountain? Denali has claimed over one hundred lives. It seems like the place for risky adrenaline seekers.

In this book, Linsdau shares the lessons Denali teaches on managing goals and risks. Everyone takes chances at some time in their lives, even if it’s driving down the highway. Becoming a risk manager rather than a risk taker is what will keep you alive during difficult times.

Experience the cold, solitude, and uncertainty of life on high mountains. Apply the message, build resilience, and overcome adversities in your life.

Linsdau described his previous solo journey to the South Pole in his book ‘Antarctic Tears’.

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