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Author(s): [Kukuczka, Jerzy]

Copyright: 2011
Specifications: 45 min, NTSC Region 1 DVD
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Jerzy Kukuczka (1948-1989) was one of the greatest Himalayan climbers in history, the second to ascend all 14 8000m peaks. Widely considered one of the best high-altitude climbers in history, he ascended all fourteen peaks in under eight years; all (except Everest) without supplemental oxygen, ten via new routes, and four in winter. He was killed while attempting Lhotse’s unclimbed South Face. This important film explores a number of questions - what made Kukuczka exceptional, what were his contributions to climbing, what do his family and peers think of him, what were and are the reasons to climb at high altitude, is Kukuczka a model for climbers today, and more.

This features Kukuczka’s wife Celina and son Wojtek (with English subtitles) and interviews with Carlos Carsolio, Kurt Diemberger, Bernadette McDonald, Reinhold Messner, and Krzysztof Wielicki (in English), together with film clips from Kukuczka’s expeditions.

“This is a film that explores one of the most important figures in Himalayan climbing history. Jerzy Kukuczka dominated the world of Himalayan climbing for a decade, setting new standards with new routes and winter ascents of the Himalayan giants. But this film is much more than a recounting of his climbing achievements. It is a sensitive portrait of the complete Kukuczka, told from the perspective of his family, his peers, his competitors and in his own words. It is a magnificent story about a legendary character told very, very well.” - Bernadette McDonald

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