signed Bradford, Karyn Maguire. 'The Crevasse: A Critical Response to David Day's 'Flaws In The Ice'. 2015 UK #27026, $39.95
Bradford's essay analyzes the damning criticisms Day makes in his book on Douglas Mawson and presents a contrasting point of view.

Buffet, Charlie & Thierry Meyer. Chasing the Cold: Frederick Paulsen's Quest for all Eight Poles. 2015 Italy #26879, $49.95
A 13-year quest to stand at the earth's eight poles - geographic, magnetic, geomagnetic, and the 'pole of inaccessibility'.

Capelotti, P. J. The Greatest Show in the Arctic: The American Exploration of Franz Josef Land, 1898-1905. 2016 US #27101, $34.95
Capelotti reveals that the Franz Josef Land endeavors foundered chiefly because of poor leadership and internal friction, not for lack of funding, as historians have previously suspected.

Dickason, Harry. Penguins and Primus: An Account of the Northern Expedition June 1910 - February 1913. 2012 Australia #26857, $75.-
Dickason's journals from his Northern Party journey as part of Scott's British Antarctic Expedition.

Dunne, Cyril. Buried in the Arctic Ice: One Irishman's Role in 19th Century Polar Exploration. 2009 Ireland #27027, $29.95
The story of brave Arctic explorers who died in their attempts to seek the North-West Passage and North Pole during the years 1845-1877.

Edinger, Ray. Love and Ice: The Tragic Obsessions of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane Arctic Explorer. 2015 US #27028, $18.95
The story of the famed explorer who perhaps was the greatest American hero of the 1850's.

Ford, C. Reginald. Antarctica: Leaves from a Diary Kept on Board an Exploring Vessel. 2015 UK #27029, $69.95
A facsimile of the rarest of all first-hand accounts of Scott's National Antarctic Expedition (1901-04).

O'Connell, Fergus. Leadership Lessons from the Race to the South Pole: Why Amundsen Lived and Scott Died. 2015 UK #27106, $9.95
What could be more intriguing than a management book built around a gripping story of exploration?

Levick, George Murray. A Gun for a Fountain Pen: Antarctic Journal November 1910 - January 1912. 2012 Australia #26859, $75.-
Levick's journals from his Northern Party journey as part of Scott's British Antarctic Expedition.

Mitchener, E. A. Ice in the Rigging: Ships of the Antarctic 1699-1937. 2015 Tasmania #26987, $64.95
The definitive history of over 140 vessels that ventured into Antarctic waters for exploration or commerce.

Mornement, Allan & Beau Riffenburgh. Mertz & I: The Antarctic Diary of Belgrave Edward Sutton Ninnis. 2014 UK #26891, $69.95
Ninnis' diary while with Douglas Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-14), and the Far Eastern Party, until his death.

Riffenburgh, Beau. Exploring Shackleton. 2015 Norway #27159, $37.95
A superbly illustrated publication produced to accompany the Fram Museum's 'Exploring Shackleton' exhibition in 2015-16.

Riffenburgh, Beau. Robert Falcon Scott and the Terra Nova Expedition 1910-13. 2016 Norway #27160, $37.95
A superbly illustrated, publication produced to accompany the Fram Museum's exhibition on Scott.

[Shackleton]. Nimrod: The Journal of the Ernest Shackleton Autumn School, Vol 10. 2016 UK #27169, $35.-
All previous issues also available.

signed Stein, Glenn. Discovering the North-West Passage: The Four-Year Arctic Odyssey of H.M.S. Investigator and the McClure Expedition. 2015 US #26989, $39.95
Glenn chronicles the 1850-54 voyage of Commander Robert McClure's HMS Investigator in search of the missing Franklin Expedition.

signed Strathie, Anne. From Ice Floes to Battlefields: Scott's 'Antarctics' in the First World War. 2015 UK #26986, $37.95
Strathie tells the after-expedition stories of the less-well-known expedition members of Scott's fateful expedition.

Warren, Guyon. The Daily Journal of an Antarctic Explorer 1956-1958. 2014 NZ #27015, $44.95
Warren was one of a small group of men who spent 15 consecutive months in the Antarctic in the late 1950s as a member of Sir Edmund Hillary's Ross Sea Party.


Banff Mountain Book Festival Mountain Image Award and National Outdoor Book Award Design & Artistic Merit category

Fidelman, Dean. Yosemite in the Fifties: The Iron Age. 2015 US #27096, $59.95
First-person narratives, artfully restored archive photos, and memorabilia particular to the seminal ascents of the era capture the footprint unique to this time and place.

Boardman/Tasker Mountaineering Literature Award & Banff Mountain Book Festival Jon Whyte Award for Mountain and Wilderness Literature

signed McCartney, Simon. The Bond: Two Epic Climbs in Alaska and a Lifetime's Connection Between Climbers. 2016 UK #27114, $94.95
Two epic climbs, Mount Huntington and Denali, by McCartney and Jack Roberts which dramatically changed both their lives. This is the signed, limited edition.

Himalayan Club Kekoo Naoroji Book Award for Himalayan Literature

signed Scott, Doug. Up and About: The Hard Road to Everest. 2015 UK #27113, $47.95
The first volume of a planned two-part autobiography, Scott tells his story from his birth in Nottingham during the darkest days of war to the summit of the world.

Alpinist #56 Winter 2016-17. 2016 US #27155, $14.95
Featuring Yosemite, the Eiger, Mt. Mizugaki, the Jumar, Bugaboos, and more!

Bell, Steve. Virgin on Insanity. 2016 UK #27102, $39.95
Bell, co-founder of Himalayan Kingdoms, presents a coming-of-age story of high adventure, youthful insecurity and immature love.

signed Bonington, Chris. Mountaineer: A Lifetime of Climbing the Great Mountains of the World. 2016 UK #27158, $39.95
A revised and expanded edition of Bonington's 'Mountaineer' with five new chapters and over 500 photos.

signed Chaundy-Smart, David. A Youth Wasted Climbing. 2015 Canada #27024, $19.95
A memoir of coming of age in a simpler era of climbing, told with compassion, humour and insight by the founding editor of Gripped magazine.

signed Hartemann, Frederic V. & Robert Hauptman. Deadly Peaks: Mountaineering's Greatest Triumphs and Tragedies. 2016 US #27135, $18.95
The most extraordinary controversies, hoaxes, triumphs, and disasters to have ever taken place at high altitude, from the Himalaya to the Andes.

signed Isserman, Maurice. Continental Divide: A History of American Mountaineering. 2016 US #27094, $28.95
In this magnificent, deeply researched history, Isserman tells a story of adventure and aspiration in the high peaks that makes a vivid case for the importance of mountains to American national identity.

Keller, Tait. Apostles of the Alps: Mountaineering and Nation Building in Germany and Austria, 1860-1939. 2016 US #27032, $29.99
Keller examines the Alps' threefold role in transforming Germany and Austria, as people sought respite in the mountains, transformed and shaped them according to their needs, and over time began to view them as national symbols and icons of individualism.

Kick, Peter. Desperate Steps: Life, Death, and Choices Made in the Mountains of the Northeast. 2015 US #27091, $18.95
Kick recounts 20 true tales of backcountry misadventure and misfortune, including incidents along the famed Appalachian Trail, and seeks the lessons to be learned in each.

Loretan, Erhard. Night Naked: A Climber's Autobiography. 2016 US #27156, $19.95
Now in English, Loretan's autobiography covers his obsession with mountains which led him to major ascents in the Andes, Karakorum, and Himalaya.

Masheter, Carol. Brightest of Silver Linings: Climbing Carstenz Pyramid in Papua at Age 65. 2014 US #27098, $13.95
Masheter's second book describes her completion of her Seven Summits quest in 2012, becoming the oldest woman to do so.

signed McDonald, Bernadette. Alpine Warriors. 2015 Canada #27016, $39.95
McDonald uncovers a dramatic era of Slovenian alpinism through the lens of one of the country's greatest climbers and writers, Nejc Zaplotnik. Winner 2015 Banff Mountain Book Festival Mountaineering History Award.

Modica, Gilles. 1865: The Golden Age of Mountaineering. 2016 UK #27104, $77.95
Reverend W.A.B. Coolidge called the years 1854-65 the 'golden age of alpinism', the era of the first great guides (Almer, Anderegg, Croz) and gentlemen climbers (Stephen, Tyndall, Whymper).

signed Norton, E. F. The Fight for Everest 1924. 2015 UK #27018, $67.95
The first UK reissue of Norton's classic account of the 1924 British Everest expedition, with new, additional content.

signed Pollit, Andy. Punk in the Gym. 2016 UK #27082, $47.95
Pollitt, the iconic British climber responsible for the first ascents of routes such as The Hollow Man and Knockin' on Heaven's Door, has written his memoir and a unique take on the climbing scene of the 1980s and 1990s.

signed Staniforth, Alex. Icefall. 2016 US #27083, $29.95
Staniforth's book is the remarkable true story of a teenager's journey to conquer Everest, marred by the disasters of 2014 and 2015.

signed Sykes, Ian. In the Shadow of Ben Nevis. 2016 UK #27081, $25.95
A must-read for anyone with an interest in Scottish mountaineering and mountain rescue.

Vallance, Mark. Wild Country: The Man who made Friends. 2016 UK #27105, $29.95
Vallance traces his story, from childhood influences like Robin Hodgkin and Sir Jack Longland, to two years in Antarctica, before his fateful meeting with Ray Jardine, the man who invented Friends, in Yosemite.

signed Whittaker, Leif. My Old Man and the Mountain: A Memoir. 2016 US #27157, $24.95
Jim Whittaker's youngest son Leif explores what it was like to 'grow up Whittaker' - how he learned to survive in a family of climbers, to respond to the constantly asked question if he will climb Everest, and to find his own way.

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Rare Items

Armitage, Lieut. Albert B. Two Years in the Antarctic: Being a Narrative of the British National Antarctic Expedition. 1905 UK #25643, $945.-

signed Barry, Martin. Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc, 16th-18th of 9th Month (Septr.), 1834. 1835 London #24798, $1004.40

signed Bonatti, Walter. On The Heights. 1964 London #25638, $895.-

Borchgrevink, C. E. First on the Antarctic Continent: Being an Account of the British Antarctic Expedition 1898-1900. 1901 UK #22500, $1195.-

With Signed 5" x 7" Photo

signed Buhl, Hermann. Achttausend Druber und Drunter. 1960 Frankfurt #20388, $1795.-

With Signed 5" x 7" Photo

signed Buhl, Hermann. Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage: A Mountaineer's Autobiography. 1956 UK #24984, $1545.-

Davis, John King. With the "Aurora" in the Antarctic 1911-1914. 1919 London #22503, $795.-

signed Desio, Ardito. La Conquista del K2 [The Conquest of K2]. 1954 Milano #25887, $975.-

Freshfield, Douglas. The Exploration of the Caucasus. 1896 London #24849, $1076.40

signed Harrer, Heinrich. The White Spider: The Story of the North Face of the Eiger. 1960 US #26008, $945.-

A Signed Copy of Joyce's Ross Sea Party Narrative

signed Joyce, Ernest E. Mills. The South Polar Trail: The Log of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. 1909 US #20109, $1695.-

signed Maraini, Fosco. Karakoram: The Ascent of Gasherbrum IV. 1961 NY #9887, $895.-

The Very Scarce Deluxe Edition Signed by Shackleton

signed Murray, James & George Marston. Antarctic Days: Sketches of the Homely Side of Polar Life, by Two of Shackleton's Men. 1913 London #25651, $4495.-

Priestley, Raymond. Antarctic Adventure: Scott's Northern Party. 1915 UK #25652, $575.-

Taylor, Griffith With Scott: The Silver Lining. 1916 UK #22507, $655.-

signed Tenzing Norgay. After Everest: An Autobiography. 1977 UK #23735, $1695.-

Yoshizawa, Ichiro. Mountaineering Maps of the World: Himalaya & Karakoram and Hindu Kush. 1977/78 Tokyo #23791, $1200.-

The First Photo of K2!

Jacot-Guillarmod, Jules. Chogori (K2) as seen from Godwin-Austen Glacier, Karakoram.

#25930, Limited ed $175.-,
#25929, Regular ed $95.-


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Auldjo, Barry, Bates, Bruce, Conway, Dutton, Fitzgerald, Freshfield, Green, Hornbein, Houston, Howard-Bury, Hunt, Kain, Larden, Mannering, Mumm, Palmer, Smith, Stutfield, Thorington, Tilman, Tuckett, Wills, Mawson, and many more!

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