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A Woman’s Place Is at the Top: A Biography of Annie Smith Peck, Queen of the Climbers

Author(s): Kimberley, Hannah

Copyright: 2017, US
Specifications: 1st, 8vo, pp.xvii, 348, 16 bw photos, dark green cloth
Condition: dj & cloth new

Annie Smith Peck was one of the most accomplished women of the twentieth century who you might have never heard of. She was a scholar, educator, writer, lecturer, mountain climber, suffragist, and political activist. She was a feminist and an independent thinker who refused to let gender stereotypes stand in her way. Peck gained fame in 1895 when she first climbed the Matterhorn at the age of forty-five – not for her daring alpine feat, but because she climbed wearing pants. Fifteen years later, she was the first climber ever to conquer Mount Huascarán (21,831’) in Peru. In 1911, just before her sixtieth birthday, she entered a race with Hiram Bingham (the model for Indiana Jones) to climb Mount Coropuna (20,922’).

This is the first full-length work about this incredible woman, who marched in suffrage parades and became a political speaker and writer before women had the right to vote. She was a propagandist, an expert on North-South American relations, and an author and lecturer contracted to speak as an authority on multinational industry and commerce before anyone had ever thought to appoint a woman as a diplomat. Here is a biography of the ultimate underdog, a woman who singlehandedly carved her place on the map of mountain climbing and international relations. With unprecedented access to Peck’s original letters, artifacts, and ephemera, Kimberley brings Peck’s entire life to the page for the first time, giving Peck her rightful place in history.

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