Bryan, Rorke. 'Scotia' and William Speirs Bruce's Scottish National Antarctic Expedition. 2015 NH #26946, $9.95
A special keepsake excerpt for the SouthPole-sium v.2 held in Scotland.

Buffet, Charlie & Thierry Meyer. Chasing the Cold: Frederick Paulsen's Quest for all Eight Poles. 2015 Italy #26879, $49.95
A 13-year quest to stand at the earth's eight poles - geographic, magnetic, geomagnetic, and the 'pole of inaccessibility'.

Butson, Dr. A. R. C. Young Men in the Antarctic: A Doctor's Illustrated Diary (1946-1948). 2010 Canada #26964, $39.95
Butson's diary from the 1946 British Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey of Graham Land.

signed Connell, Graeme. Tide Cracks and Sastrugi: An Antarctic Summer in 1968-69. 2011 Canada #26995, $39.97
Connell covers his odyssey on the continent at the bottom of the world as a member of the NZ Antarctic Research Program. His book is a glimpse of NZ's Antarctic activity at the tail end of the first decade of modern exploration.

Cook, James. Hunt for the Southern Continent. 2007 UK #26877, $9.95
An extract from Cook's second voyage to explore as far south as possible.

De Moll, Cathy. Think South: How We Got Six Men and Forty Dogs Across Antarctica. 2015 US #26991, $24.95
What does it take to move forty dogs, three sleds, twenty tons of food and gear, and six men from all over the world across nearly four thousand of the coldest miles on earth?

Dickason, Harry. Penguins and Primus: An Account of the Northern Expedition June 1910 - February 1913. 2012 Australia #26857, $75.-
Dickason's journals from his Northern Party journey as part of Scott's British Antarctic Expedition.

Galvin, Anthony. The Great Polar Fraud: Cook, Peary, and Byrd - How Three American Heroes Duped the World into Thinking They Had Reached the North Pole. 2014 US #26858, $24.95
Galvin explores the history of the three men who claimed the pole, their claims, and the subsequent doubts.

Herbert, Wally & Huw Lewis-Jones. Across the Arctic Ocean: Original Photographs from the Last Great Polar Journey. 2015 UK #26965, $49.95
A large-format photo book of the historic 1968 first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean.

signed Hirzel, David. Antarctic Voyager: Tom Crean - With Scott's Discovery Expedition 1901-1904. 2015 US #27001, $19.95
Hirzel concludes his trilogy on Crean back at the beginning with Scott's first expedition which made the first balloon ascent on the continent, several overland sledge journeys, and achieved a new furthest south of 82-16.5'S.

signed Hirzel, David. Rough Weather All Day: An Account of the "Jeannette" Search Expedition from Log Kept by Patrick Cahill, Machinist on Board U.S.S. "Rodgers". 2014 US #27002, $31.95
Cahill was a machinist's mate sent in the "U.S.S. Rodgers" in 1881 to seek out the fate of the missing "Jeannette", commanded by George Washington DeLong, wrecked by the ice in 1881.

Hoadley, Jack. Antarctica to Footscray: Arch Hoadley - A Man of Inspiration and Courage. 2010 Australia #26990, $29.95
Hoadley's exciting and challenging time as an explorer geologist in Mawson's 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition reveals a courageous and tenacious man.

signed Jensen, David. Mawson's Remarkable Men: The Personal Stories of the Epic 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition. 2015 Australia #26981, $39.95
Profiles of each of the 32 land-based members of the AAE of 1911-14 with many photos.

Levick, George Murray. A Gun for a Fountain Pen: Antarctic Journal November 1910 - January 1912. 2012 Australia #26859, $75.-
Levick's journals from his Northern Party journey as part of Scott's British Antarctic Expedition.

signed Linsdau, Aaron. Antarctic Tears: Determination, Adversity, and the Pursuit of a Dream at the Bottom of the World. 2014 US #26860, $16.95
Account of Linsdau's expedition to be the 2nd American to ski solo to the South Pole.

signed Lucas, Ann. Swiss Alps to Antarctic Glaciers: The Journals of Dr Xavier Mertz, Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914. 2015 Australia #26999, $39.95
This first English translation of Mertz's journals begins with his departure from London in July 1911 and continue until a week before his death in 1913.

Mitchener, E. A. Ice in the Rigging: Ships of the Antarctic 1699-1937. 2015 Tasmania #26987, $64.95
The definitive history of over 140 vessels that ventured into Antarctic waters for exploration or commerce.

Mornement, Allan & Beau Riffenburgh. Mertz & I: The Antarctic Diary of Belgrave Edward Sutton Ninnis. 2014 UK #26891, $69.95
Ninnis' diary while with Douglas Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-14), and the Far Eastern Party, until his death.

signed Stein, Glenn. Discovering the North-West Passage: The Four-Year Arctic Odyssey of H.M.S. Investigator and the McClure Expedition. 2015 US #26989, $39.95
Glenn chronicles the 1850-54 voyage of Commander Robert McClure's HMS Investigator in search of the missing Franklin Expedition.

Stephenson, Robert. Scotland and the Antarctic. 2015 NH #26950, $19.95
A listing of 182 Antarctic explorers and travelers born in Scotland, with brief summaries of their expedition and position.

signed Strathie, Anne. From Ice Floes to Battlefields: Scott's 'Antarctics' in the First World War. 2015 UK #26986, $37.95
Strathie tells the after-expedition stories of the less-well-known expedition members of Scott's fateful expedition.

Warren, Guyon. The Daily Journal of an Antarctic Explorer 1956-1958. 2014 NZ #27015, $44.95
Warren was one of a small group of men who spent 15 consecutive months in the Antarctic in the late 1950s as a member of Sir Edmund Hillary's Ross Sea Party.


Boardman/Tasker Mountaineering Literature Award

Blanchard, Barry. The Calling: A Life Rocked by Mountains. 2014 US #26820, $27.95
With riveting descriptions of avalanches and treacherous ascents, Blanchard chronicles his transformation from a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks to one of the most respected alpinists in the world.

Banff Mountain Book Festival Awards

Collins, Jeremy. Drawn: The Art of Ascent. 2015 US #26930, $24.95
a rich, textured, and soulful visual exploration of summits lost and achieved in the US, China, Venezuela, and Canada.

Cordes, Kelly. The Tower: A Chronicle of Climbing and Controversy on Cerro Torre. 2014 US #26862, $27.95
A detailed history of Cesare Maestri's claimed first ascent and the infamous Compressor Route.

Partridge, Keith. The Adventure Game: A Cameraman's Tales from Films at the Edge. 2014 UK #26943, $49.95
Partridge has been one of the world's leading adventure cameramen for two decades.

Alpinist #55 Autumn 2016. 2016 US #27120, $14.95
Featuring Wind River Range, Torre CentralFisher Towers, and more!

Ashurly, Murad. Finding Your Everest: Irrefutable Principles for Conquering Your Next Challenge. 2015 US #26936, $19.95
Azerbaijani mountaineer Ashurly completed this account of his 1913 Everest climb prior to his death on Ama Dablam.

Backshall, Steve. Mountain: A Life on the Rocks. 2015 UK #26984, $37.95
Backshall's love affair with the mountains has taken him to some of the world's wildest places, environments that have the power to make a human feel very small, very vulnerable and very alive.

signed Bradey, Lydia. Going Up is Easy: The First Woman to Ascend Everest Without Oxygen. 2015 NZ #26993, $29.95
Bradey's engaging book covers the evolution of her alpine career from her first ascent of Aoraki/Mount Cook in 1979 to becoming the first woman to climb Everest without supplementary oxygen in 1988.

signed Christensen, Bo Belvedere & Henrik Jessen Hansen. Everest: Drommen & Sejren [Everest Dream & Victory]. 2000 Denmark #27013, $49.95
The official team account of the 2000 Thrane & Thrane Everest expedition which placed five on the summit via the South Pillar.

Conefrey, Mick. The Ghosts of K2: The Epic Saga of the First Ascent. 2015 UK #26985, $39.95
Conefrey grippingly describes the early attempts to reach the summit of K2 and provides a fascinating exploration of the first ascent's complex legacy.

signed Conrad, Ric. Mount Hood: Adventures of the Wy'east Climbers 1930 - 1942. 2014 US #26876, $24.95
The most thorough picture of the Golden Age of exploration on Mount Hood.

signed DesLauriers, Kit. Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summits. 2015 US #26903, $24.95
DesLauriers made history by being the first person to ski from the summit of the Seven Summits.

signed Douglas, Ed. Statement: The Ben Moon Story. 2015 UK Ltd ed #26908, $49.95, Trade ed #26904, $39.95
A pioneer in the sport-climbing revolution of the 1980s and a bouldering legend in the 1990s, Moon is one of the most iconic rock climbers in the sport's history.

Everest DVD. On Va Marcher sur l'Everest [Everest: Summit of Desire]. #26935, $19.99
Follow French climber Sophie Lavaud as she attempts to reach the summit of the 'Roof of the World' in 2014 via the North Col.

signed Gillman, Peter & Leni. Extreme Eiger: The Race to Climb the Direct Route up the North Face of the Eiger. 2015 UK #26942, $39.95
The Gillman's reveal how the impact of the race to climb the Eiger Direct has resonated to this day.

Hillary New Zealand $5 Note Wallet. #26846, $29.-
A unique, genuine leather, wallet featuring the famous New Zealand $5 note with the image of Sir Edmund Hillary.

signed Honnold, Alex. Alone on the Wall. 2015 US #27005, $26.95
Honnold, probably the most famous adventure athlete in the world, recounts the seven most astonishing climbing achievements so far in his meteoric and still-evolving career.

signed Kielkowski, Jan. Nanga Parbat Group. 2015 Poland #26998, $39.95
The 11th title in Kielkowski's excellent monograph series, this cover the Nanga Parbat group listing all expeditions, routes, and ascent information.

Little, Paul. After Everest: Inside the Private World of Edmund Hillary. 2012 Australia #26865, $19.95
A fascinating exploration of the life and paradoxes of mountaineer and adventurer Edmund Hillary.

signed Mallory, Alan. The Family That Conquered Everest - and the Secrets to their Success. 2014 Canada #26962, $24.95
In 2008 Mallory and his family became the first family of four to set foot on Everest's summit.

signed McClure, Steve. Beyond Limits: A Life Through Climbing. 2014 UK #26854, $39.95
Autobiography of Steve McClure, one of the world�s top rock climbers.

Norton, Christopher. Everest Revealed: The Private Diaries and Sketches of Edward Norton, 1922-24. 2014 UK #26863, $39.95
Norton's private diaries, wonderful watercolors, and sketches, published here for the first time, give a lively impression of the joys and trials of the early Everest expeditions.

signed O'Leary, Paddy. The Way That We Climbed: A History of Irish Hillwalking, Climbing and Mountaineering. 2015 Ireland #26907, $29.95
O'Leary recounts the history of hillwalking and mountaineering in Ireland: from the early activists until the turn of the millennium.

signed Peeters, Randall. Journeys to the Edge: Where Will Your Vision Take You?. 2014 US #26855, $16.95
Peeters completed the Adventure Grand Slam (the Seven Summits, South Pole, North Pole) in 2005.

signed Rawlinson, Grant. From Peak to Peak: The Story of the First Human-Powered Journey from the Summit of Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand to the Summit of Aoraki/Mt Cook. 2014 NZ #26967, $24.95
Two men set out on a unique, human-powered, journey between New Zealand's highest mountains.

Wainwright, Robert. Maverick Mountaineer: George Ingle Finch, The Wild Colonial Boy who took on the British Alpine Establishment. 2015 Australia #26983, $34.95
The first full-length biography of the rebellious, brilliant and complex Finch, a natural climber who scaled all the great peaks of Europe before attempting the biggest peak of all - Everest - as part of George Mallory's 1922 expedition.

Wallace, Graeme. Matterhorn: The Quintessential Mountain. 2015 UK #26994, $59.95
Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the first climb of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper and his party in July 1865, this large format book features over 100 pages of photographs of the world's most recognisable mountain, together with tantalising extracts from Whymper's own book.

Woodside, Christine. No Limits But the Sky: The Best Mountaineering Stories From Appalachia Journal. 2014 US #26856, $18.95
This anthology of 25 stories, published from 1877 to the present, collects the most riveting, real-life adventure stories from America's oldest mountaineering and conservation journal.

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Rare Items

Amundsen, Roald. The South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram", 1910-1912. 1912 UK #26584, $1615.-

Armitage, Lieut. Albert B. Two Years in the Antarctic: Being a Narrative of the British National Antarctic Expedition. 1905 UK #25643, $945.-

Barry, Martin. Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc in 1834. 1836 Scotland #26484, $429.-

Borchgrevink, C. E. First on the Antarctic Continent: Being an Account of the British Antarctic Expedition 1898-1900. 1901 UK #22500, $1395.-

With Signed 5" x 7" Photo

signed Buhl, Hermann. Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage: A Mountaineer's Autobiography. 1956 UK #24984, $1545.-

Catlow, Agnes & Maria. Sketching Rambles; or, Nature in the Alps and Apennines. 1861 UK #26521, $219.-

Cherry-Garrard, Apsley. The Worst Journey in the World: Antarctic 1910-1913. 1923 US #25645, $1695.-

Conway, Sir William Martin. Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram-Himalayas. 1894 UK #26530, $495.-

Forbes, James. Travels Through the Alps of Savoy and Other Parts of the Pennine Chain with Observations on the Phenomena of Glaciers. 1843 Scotland #26523, $1795.-

Freshfield, Douglas. Italian Alps: Sketches in the Mountains of Ticino, Lombardy, The Trentino, and Venetia. 1875 UK #26524, $359.-

signed Harrer, Heinrich. The White Spider: The Story of the North Face of the Eiger. 1960 US #26008, $945.-

Inscribed by Nansen to Shackleton

signed Helland-Hansen, Bjorn & Fridtjof Nansen. The Norwegian Sea: Its Physical Oceanography Based Upon the Norwegian Researches 1900-1904. 1909 Norway #26838, $6795.75

Mikkelsen, Ejnar. Conquering the Arctic Ice. 1909 US #25778, $225.-

Inscribed by Nansen to Shackleton

signed Nansen, Fridtjof. In Northern Mists: Arctic Exploration in Early Times. 1911 UK #26847, $3395.75

Priestley, Raymond. Antarctic Adventure: Scott's Northern Party. 1915 UK #25652, $595.-

Ross, John. Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage, and of a Residence in the Arctic Regions During the Years 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833. 1835 UK #25807, $445.-

A Fine Matched 4-vol Set

Shackleton, Bernacchi, Cherry-Garrard. The South Polar Times. 1907/14/10 UK #26881, $18,657.50

Taylor, Griffith With Scott: The Silver Lining. 1916 UK #22507, $655.-

signed Tenzing Norgay. After Everest: An Autobiography. 1977 UK #23735, $1695.-

Weston, Rev. Walter. Mountaineering and Exploration in the Japanese Alps. 1896 UK #26529, $645.-

The First Photo of K2!

Jacot-Guillarmod, Jules. Chogori (K2) as seen from Godwin-Austen Glacier, Karakoram.

#25930, Limited ed $175.-,
#25929, Regular ed $95.-


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